Work At Home Australia - Transcription Jobs

Transcription jobs require a fast paced typist with a very high accurracy rate and people who can meet deadlines. Some types of transcription jobs include medical transcription and legal transcription both of which require you know know a lot of jargon in both industries. If you are a fast enough typer and very accurate you will be able to generate a high income from being a transcription writer.

There are many transcription companies available in australia if you are looking to generate an income.

Types of Transcription Jobs in Australia

Medical Transcription - You will be able to find Medical Transcribing jobs in Australia if you look hard enough. Normally you will need to be fluent in all medical terminology as well as have a minimum typing speed of 80 words per minute and an accuracy rate of 98% or higher.

Legal Transcription - There are many companies in Australia which offer Legal Transcribing jobs you just need to know where to look for them. Again you will need to know all legal terminology and be a fast and accurate typist.

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